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Understanding your customers, and other stakeholders, is not a step in the design process.  Design research should inform every step. Thing Tank’s iterative, prototype driven process uses research to question and inspire design at every stage of development.

Design research helps us understand what is desirable, before we invest in making it feasible.

Design Research Case Studies


You’ve uncovered some insights.  Now what?  Effective design programs need to ask the right questions in the right order. And they need to test critical assumptions before they are baked into the product.

We help clients develop potent design strategies that bring ideas to life quickly, and let them compete.

Design Strategy Case Studies


Experience prototypes can bring key aspects of your product experience to life, before the whole thing is ready.  An imperfect mock up can help you evaluate your current ideas, and inspire new ones.  Experience prototypes create a shared frame of reference, and a way to talk about what to do next.

There’s no substitute for living with your ideas!  We can help you bring them to life quickly, and cost effectively.

Experience Prototyping Case Studies


No matter how useful something is, if its not gorgeous, people won’t care.  But great industrial design goes beyond making things pretty.  Great industrial design finds synergy between how things look and how they work.

We design products that are elegant to use, and beautiful to look at.

Industrial Design Case Studies


How can you harness the experience and brain power you already have in house?  How do you bring your team along on the design journey?  Workshops can be a great way to make good use of the intellectual horsepower you already have.  And they create buy-in with internal stake holders, by making them collaborators.

Our workshops yield tangible results, boost team engagement and help build a culture of design thinking.

Workshop Facilitation Case Studies


Here are some of the companies we have worked with:

  • Steelcase

  • Plantronics

  • Logitech

  • Jawbone

  • Peloton Technologies

  • Long Term Stock Exchange

  • Westfield

  • Chick-fil-A

  • 3 Form

  • Harborside Health Center

  • Wag Hotels

  • Oglesby & Butler

  • Digifit

  • NukoToys

  • Kiba

  • Loop

  • Lampix

  • e2e Materials

  • Ibex

  • Timbuk2

  • Highway 1

We have also worked in collaboration with these design and research firms:

  • IDEO

  • Frog

  • Point Forward

  • Speck

  • Kelton

  • Quotient Design Resesarch


Thing Tank was founded in 2005 by Chris Luomanen.  Prior to launching Thing Tank, Chris was a product designer, project manager, human factors researcher, prototype fabricator and workshop designer at IDEO.  Chris holds a master’s degree in product design from Stanford, and has taught design at Stanford and the California College of the Arts.

Thing Tank maintains a network of independent creative professionals, so we can staff and manage your project with the right mix of talent to meet your individual needs.